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The Business Incubation Academy(TM) is the corporate training & incubation arm of G-CITI Campus where both technology students from the campuses and non – tech entrepreneurs join.

Biography of Llewellyn Scholtz

Llewellyn Scholtz is currently the Executive Director of an educational non profit organization Genesis Community IT Initiative & Centre Manager of the I-CAN Centre, an initiative of the Western Cape. He leads a dynamic team in disrupting the education sector with vocational technology training that promotes employability and entrepreneurship. Successfully, more than 1000 citizens were empowered in digital skills in 4 years through the I-CAN Centre! As an education technologist expert, Llewellyn provides consultation to educational institutions in aligning vocational curriculums towards global technology certification to ensure students become effective and efficient in the workplace in preparation of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Llewellyn developed a successful recipe for creating inclusive public tech hubs that promotes access to technology, adoption of technology and the empowerment of digital skills through partnerships. He is also a passionate and inspirational keynote speaker addressing the digital divide in South Africa. His story is life-changing, and his insight on the future of education is revolutionary. Lastly, his weekly radio show (Radio 786) has more than 5 000 listeners as he educates citizens about the world of technology. Also, Llewellyn is the Authorized Supplier of mElimu products (Learning Management Systems) in South Africa under GCITI Digital SA.